Monday, November 28, 2011

This "sweet" new peppermint trio is straight from Mrs. Claus' kitchen!

Need a cute sweetie to decorate your kitchen for Christmas? or to add to your holiday decor?

Here's an idea...

Vintage Peppermint Stands

Traditional Peppermint Stands

Want to make a set of these scrumptious peppermints? 

Kits are $32.95 - insturctions & picture included in kit
All items needed to complete project are included except for the following: Wood Glue, Pencil, & Scissors

If you live in the Salt Lake Valley, you can call and reserve your kit today by calling The Wood Connection 801-265-2255. 

If you would like one shipped, please email me at Please include a phone number where I can reach you for ordering details. 

Love It!!! But don't have time to make it before the holidays... visit my etsy shop!

Thanks & Happy Crafting!


  1. We have the same favorite quote. I knew I liked you for a reason :0) I'll have to try that pumpkin creme brulee are the ingredients hard to find?

  2. Lindy! I'm so sorry for the delay in response! I feel as big as a bug! I'm not sure why I wasn't alerted about your comment... please forgive me! If you haven't made the pumkin creme brulee yet... here is some info :) The Fage Greek Yogurt is awesome! I use it for so many things! You can get a screamin good deal on it at Costco! :) The other items that you cannot find in your regular grocery store, I have found at the health food store. I was in the dark on where to look for the items so I found it much easier to ask after I looked around for an hour! LOL! :) I hope that helps! Hope to hear more from you! thanks for your comments!