Thursday, July 18, 2013

WOW Sneak Peeks for SU Convention 2013

My intentions were really good this year prepping for SU Convention. I had big plans to have recipes and tutorials on all my WOW Swaps before convention started, LOL who was I kidding!!! I'm still working on projects tonight and convention has already begun. This year I really got myself in pretty deep with my designs and there was noooo way I had enough time to make them all myself, I'm pretty sure my whole family has decided no convention next year after helping me assemble my swaps, and they're not kidding around!! The banner flower card (shown below) has 16 Heart A Flutter banner cuts, just for one card. No big deal, right? I only made 100 of them... so 1600 cuts later... and 100 rosettes later... I think everyone in the family, including myself, is very happy to be done making this card. Here is a little sneak peek... and don't fret! I am planning on posting the recipes and tutorials for these cards, just not until after convention, LOL! Please let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy! :)

Banner Flower Card... in a few different colors...

Lily Card, can you believe I actually colored the Lily on SU White card stock? I didn't have any water color paper so I decided to give it a try. It was definitely tricky trying to do the blending but it all worked out! I was definitely ready to be done coloring after 100 lilies though. 

This card was inspired by an SU Convention Card I made last year. I promised a tutorial to one of my followers using the same concept but a different card. I will be posting a tutorial soon! :)

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