Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Adventures Opening Night of Stampin' Up Convention 2013

Wow! The FUN has begun! Tonight was opening night at Convention 2013! It was a BLAST but might I say, there are alot of crazy women!! hahaha I'm mean really alot!!! I decided from years past, I always have way too much stuff to carry, so my awesome sister borrowed me her Cropper Hopper. Yay!!! Thank You!!! I was soooo freakin' excited to have something to wheel around all my goodies in. As I walked through convention, all the crazy ladies were looking at me like I was a genius! They all looked so tired from all there shopping and goodie bags they had dangling all of them. I was feeling pretty awesome and smart! :) Then, it started to get serious! You could see the envy in there eyes, bad enough I wasn't so sure I wasn't going to get the cropper mugged from me!!! I'm not kidding!! And then for the really good part... LOL!  Let's just say, I think you might need a license to drive one of those things around at convention with 5,800 crazy ladies running around... they are sooo busy oooohhhing and aaaawwwwing over all the banners and decor in the air, they seem to miss the cropper even though it is less that a foot from me, they did not pay any attention!!! I definitely experienced cropper crash course 101 driving it around tonight. LOL! & I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I may have ran over a few toes in the process...LOL!... Sorry if they were yours!!! 

The stage looks absolutely awesome! Displayed in the picture below is Super FaBuLoUs Shelli Gardner, with the stage display of this years theme, "Be the Difference."

 Even Ronald McDonald came for a visit tonight! Yep, the real deal! He got a little choked up sharing a story about a little girl he worked with about 20 years ago, which of course, made me tear up too. It was so heart warming to see the difference we can make by selling the Ronald McDonald set, which is absolutely aDoRaBLe this year, see for yourself!!!

Just so you can see how cute, I've attached some pictures of projects they made during opening session

If you were not able to make it, are you feeling a little left out??? Well guess what!!? I've attached a link so you can watch the whole opening session for yourself!! Eeeek! Super Exciting! Enjoy! More to come tomorrow, so be sure to check back on all the FUN!

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