Monday, September 17, 2012

Amazing Halloween Inspiration!

So speaking of inspiration in our lives... have you ever taken a few minutes to think about all the people that inspire you? For me, I do this pretty regularly with many of the things I do with work, crafting, etc... being inspired and inspiring others makes me giddy! Pinterest is one of my most favorite places to get inspired about the things I love! but beside my virtual pin board, I can only think of a few very awesome people who have always inspired me to be a better person and a better artist. my sister is one of them! she is so much fun and seriously talented!!! i have her to thank for so many things! she's the guest designer for the wood connection this week... and you'll totally understand what I mean when you see this post! She really takes her art to the next level!!!

ghost shadow box tutorial

I am Heather from She Runs. I hope you all enjoy.

Let's get started!

Supply List:
1 11"x14" Box Sign from The Wood Connection
Gel Medium or Mod Podge (found at most National craft stores)
Acrylic Paints in Black, White, Brown, and Orange
White Gel Pen
Vinyl Squeegie from The Wood Connection (pictured below)
Paint Brushes
Foam Brush
Assorted Halloween paper scraps (I used papers from the new Echo Park Chillingsworth Manor line)
Alphabet Stickers (I used the Echo Park Apothecary Emporium stickers- also available at The Wood Connection)

With your pencil, sketch out your ghost on the 11"x14" Box Sign. Don't worry about messing it up or having to erase, you're going to cover the entire box anyway. This sketch will just serve as a guide.

Now start tearing up pieces of your Halloween papers and applying them to the box with Gel Medium or Mod Podge and a foam brush. Make sure you cover the back side of your paper thoroughly with medium to ensure the whole piece sticks well. Once you have the paper adhered to the box use your vinyl squeegie to smooth the paper out and make sure there are no air bubbles underneath. Work in small to medium sized sections. After you have a paper down that covers part of your sketch, go back in with pencil and fill the sketch in on the paper.

Here's a pic of the blue squeegie thingy. LOL. I have no idea what they are called but they are awesome for this type of work. I picked mine up at The Wood Connection.

This is what my box looked like after I finished covering it with paper. Notice you can still lightly see my ghost shape in pencil.

Now my favorite part begins. Bring on the paint!

I started with my ghost. Using a color wash of white acrylic paint and water cover the whole inside of your ghost very lightly. I do this part in layers of paint. It's always easier to add layers than to realize you've used too much paint and can't take it off. Once your ghost stands out from the rest of the background start adding more layers of white acrylic paint around the inside edge of your ghost. This will make your ghost really begin to "pop" Just keep working in layers around that edge until you get the desired effect. I like to leave the center lighter. It adds depth and interest to the project, plus you want your awesome collage skills to show through. Once the white paint is dry paint in the eyes and boots with black acrylic paint.

Now I add a very light color wash of brown to the rest of the background. Then I start shading again with brown paint and water. All the way around the edges of the entire box, the ghost and the eyes. This really makes the ghost stand out as well. Once that is all dry, paint orange scallops around the box. I also painted the sides of the box orange and added black scallops to that. When those sections are dry, go back in and add white centers to the scallops. And shade all the way around your orange scallops with a brown wash.

After I painted the boots black I dry brushed a little white for highlights and used a white gel pen to add laces and accents. At this point it's time for the alphabet stickers.

You can finish up the piece by covering the entire thing with Gel Medium or Mod Podge. This will protect your paint and adhere the alpha stickers so they won't peel off or lift in the future. Be sure to let your piece dry very well before adding the finishing layer of Gel Medium.

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