Saturday, December 3, 2011

No More Holiday Body Blues!!!

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to The Biggest Loser Ranch. It was truly an amazing experience! Chef Cameron, the dietitians, and trainers taught me loads of great information about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. I'm hoping to gradually pass on the information to you and that you'll be able to replace some of your favorite meals with a healthy version of the same recipe.  

I didn't realize how uneducated I really was, shopping in the grocery store, cooking, and eating out!! I thought some products were at least a little healthier, like a yoplait yogurt and my favorite, Chicken Caesar Pita from Chili's. They both sound healthy... right? Oh man how I was wrong! They're crammed with sooooo much sugar, calories, and sodium! I can't believe how deceiving these things can be. But we can at least take control of them! Just because the item in the grocery store says it's healthy on the front, doesn't mean it is, read the label!! When your eating out, even if your doing a calorie look up, I guarantee that the nutrition facts on whatever you want to eat, are not right! The day they studied the nutrition facts on there food, was when the chef had least seasoned and buttered everything. They don't want it to look as bad as it really is!!! And the chef in the back is not measuring everything out exactly to help you watch your calories! His job is to make it taste good! Products and restaurants stretch healthy terms and calorie counts a little too far! Of course we're going to eat out! We love to do it! Just make wiser choices on the menu, eat more vegetables or leaner meats, and don't eat the whole plate! It's not portion controlled! Try to eat out a little less and cook a little more! You can measure and know exactly what your eating at home. It makes it much easier to keep track of your intake during the day!

So yes, calories can be very scary during the holidays! I think alot of us go on strike with the healthy eating about mid October, right before Halloween. Then, we get the body blues by keeping our eyes closed to our calorie intake until January 2nd, when were making our New Year's Resolutions. LOL! I'm definately guilty of that! This year I'm not letting that happen!! It's ok to have delicious things just in the right portion and COUNT THE CALORIES! In most cases, unless you have some health problems like thyroid, etc, when you look in the mirror your body doesn't lie about how many calories you've been eating. Sad, but true! 

So my goal is to eat the things that I Love! All the time! Just making the less calorie recipes that are still scrumptious! I'll be sharing alot of the recipes with you. Please give some feedback if you like what you see. :)

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